Case Study: Consistency of Effort Pays Off for Deck Company

Facts In Brief: DeckTecWhen the “worst recession since the depression” hit in 2009, the team at DeckTec knew they needed to market and sell as never before. Although the company had been a leader in custom deck construction, repair and remodeling for twenty years, when times were tough, they knew people didn’t tend to spend on luxury items. Steve Sparhawk, founder and president of the company turned to Liesa Malik and All Abuzz.

“I met Liesa while constructing her deck,” said Steve, “and I knew her to be a reliable, thoughtful and talented person. It was a natural call to work with her.”

Together, Steve and Liesa put together a marketing plan that included a review of the DeckTec website, usability testing, and growing regular communications with both existing customers and new prospects.

Through the next couple of years DeckTec worked hard to keep customers and grow new business, challenged by the seasonality of their work. Through newsletters, constant mailings, and weekly marketing efforts, the company survived the winter fall-off until the annual Colorado Garden and Home Show helped generate work for the year ahead.

“More important than the show itself is the pre and post-show planning, organizing, and follow-up processes and communications. Liesa was right there to help with all of it,” said Steve.

Today, DeckTec continues to be a leader in the natural, beautiful construction of custom redwood decks, thanks in part to All Abuzz. As Steve said, “Liesa’s flexibility, loyalty, and reliability has been an asset to DeckTec and me personally! Thank you so much!”




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