Case Study: Keeping It Simple Sells Technology

Facts In Brief: Centerline Software, Inc.“When we at Centerline started contracting with Liesa, we had no branding or product awareness in the marketplace,” said Ron Summers, former president of Centerline Software, Inc.

Centerline at that time was a start-up organization with great vision for a state-of-the-art reporting tool to be used in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Ron continued, “That was our main concern. We had spent the time and money to build a product. Now we needed to make the market aware of it.”

Together, Ron, Liesa and the team at Centerline developed a corporate and product strategy to launch into the Dynamics marketplace. “Liesa did a wonderful job in working with us to come up with a product name and product logo. Our website was similar. We needed to build one fast so that customers could come to our site and get all the information on Pivotier, our new product, and have the assurance that we were a viable, reputable company to buy from.”

Since that time, Centerline grew to prominence in the Microsoft Dynamics partner community and Pivotier success grew with it. All along, All Abuzz helped to keep the messaging clear and relevant to Microsoft partners selling the product.

“As a development organization we usually leaned toward technical articles and updates. Liesa helped us write that communication in a way that was easier for non-technical individuals to understand. It also allowed our partners to feel comfortable with what we had to offer and how to communicate the same to their clients.”

In November, 2012, Centerline’s flagship product, Pivotier, was sold to another great software development company, Jet Reports, and continues to be offered to Dynamics NAV customers through that organization. Ron joined Jet Reports as part of the sale, but remembers working with All Abuzz fondly: “It was great to have someone like Liesa with the knowledge and expertise to pull it all together for us.”

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