How to begin a business relationship

Liesa Malik


Wouldn’t you agree that saying “hello” is quite easy?  And isn’t “hello” a great, versatile word?

Hello can be a simple acknowledgement, a warm greeting, or even an invitation to a conversation with endless possibilities.  My “hello” is often the latter, as I enjoy people, and want to engage for our mutual personal growth and success.

I’m also happy to interact with business people of all kinds because people in business–whether working in Profit-oriented corporations or in Not-For-Profit organizations–are people on a path with a vision to  achieve.  My dad was an entrepreneur and I seem to have caught the business bug from him.  This is part of why I’ve named my business All Abuzz.  I like the buzz of work and working with others, and with helping you find ways to have others buzzing about your business.

I’m also big on planet nurturing, so I’ve named my company after a species in trouble, the Honey Bee.  Our bee populations around the world are dwindling fast.  We need to save these wonderful creatures or face losing as much as 30% of our current food resources.  That’s why you’ll see bee bits sprinkled throughout this website.

Now, why else might you want to engage with me? For more than 20 years I’ve worked in all sorts of business roles; from sales to back office, from volunteer and representative to management.  Each position has provided great opportunities to learn and grow, and now I’d like to share that experience with you.

If you want a sales brochure or business letter, I have the skills to educate, inform, or persuade on paper.  If you need help getting that weekly blog pounded out, let me know.  I’m familiar with publishing deadlines and expectations. Then there are business and marketing plans–formal projects of a larger nature.  Been there, enjoyed that, and would be happy to work with you on your own endeavors.

So please contact me today.  All it takes is a quick “hello.”Bee facing left

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