5 Reasons freelance copywriting works for you

Life can be exciting and challenging for the professional marketing person. Between running campaigns, generating and tracking leads, and building lists, your days are full. Suddenly, you look up and someone is asking, “where’s the content?” for another piece of sales literature. There’s always more work to do, and never enough hours in the day. Perhaps you need a helping hand. Here are five reasons hiring a freelance copywriter could be your best route to content success:

Number One-CheckONE: Flexibility

A good copywriter will be able to help you in multiple directions. From persuasive writing like ads and sales brochures, to public relations work such as press releases and blog posts, and even contributions to management writing like business or marketing-plans and more. Sometimes your best team member is not on your team at all. Think freelance to get your work done.

Two - CheckTWO: Money Savings

When you’re stuck in the whirlwind of business it may seem that the only way out from under the deluge of writing projects is to hire another staff member. But when the emergencies are over, you find you have another salary and benefits to pay without necessarily having the workload to justify it. What’s a good manager to do? Hire a freelancer. I’ll work on a retainer basis that is often not as high as a salary, and has no added human resources burdens. Or, I can help on a per project basis. It’s a win-win situation. Contact me today to find out more.

Three - checkTHREE: Time Savings

As a manager, you’re running all the time. Projects pop-up out of nowhere, and you need to complete them as quickly as possible. You probably have a great vision for the multiple pieces you want in your sales literature library, but time to get them written and in use? Not so much. Wouldn’t it be nice to delegate and get the job done? That’s where a good freelancer like me comes in. You delegate. I consult. We get the job done. And you may even make it home for dinner!

Four - checkFOUR: Precision

There’s a difference between jargon-laden projects and precise, clear, copy. I can help you edit messages that may not quite be communicating what you want. Or you can use me to draft your pieces, allowing you the luxury of less time at the keyboard and more time with your other pressing work. Either way, as a team, we can communicate with precision, and sell with confidence. Just jot me a quick note and we’ll get your job done exactly as needed.

Five - checkFIVE: Effectiveness

You may have written some great copy that’s full of information. But will it get active responses from your target market? You want your copy to act as your sales representative when you can’t see your prospects face-to-face. A good freelance writer will provide powerful, persuasive copy with appropriate calls-to-action. Get responses and keep feeding your sales pipeline. Contact me today. We’ll get the words right.

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